Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simple step to run VLC player in BackTrack 5

Hello to all!! this is simple instruction how to run VLC in BackTrack 5. I think this is not a simple for newbie ! but to the old timer this is just like eating peanut with 'Teh Tarik'. Ok let's begin:-

1. Install VLC player

apt-get install vlc 

2. open file

hexedit /usr/bin/vlc

3. Edit the file

press the TAB button to move cursor form HEX to Word section and find this word :- geteuid._libc_start_man change to this:- getppid._libc_start_man

4. Save all the work

ok that's all ......Happy hunting!!


  1. thank you 'so much, i love u buddy

  2. works great!!! thanks buddy.

    needed addl help figuring out hexedit

    as he says: hit tab once to switch over to the ascii editor side,
    Ctrl-S : SEARCH

    type in "geteuid" hit return.
    this will bring u right to the correct location.
    change the two middle letters, EU to PP.
    so, changed to read: "getppid"

    CTRL-x : SAVE & QUIT (will prompt to save, hit Y)

    type vlc in your terminal, hit return, it should run properly, just after a short options prompt dialog.

    again. thanks buddy!!

    1. Thanks for this clarification Sean, helped me out.

  3. :) Jestem Świerzy ale działa :) musiałem co fakt to fakt przeinstalowac VLC ale kto sie nie rozwija ten sie zwija *_* Dziękuję :)

  4. woww.. bunga angkasa tuu!!! thanks 4 information!!