Friday, January 21, 2011

“” The phone number generator

This script still only works in U.S. cities — international phone numbers are a huge, huge pain, so I don’t see it happening anytime soon; People can edit the script to work for whatever country they live in, but that’s beyond what I’m willing to do.
  • Interactive mode has a new user interface – colored text!
    • ./
    • (no arguments)
  • Command-line arguments – you can now pass arguments to f0ne instead of using the interactive menu system
    • USAGE: ./ [city] [style]
    • EXAMPLE: ./ “cleveland, oh” 3
    • OUTPUT: all of the phone nubmers in cleveland – to stdout, so piping is recommended:
    • PIPING: ./ “cleveland, oh” 3 > cleveland.txt
  • Can run independent of Crunch
    • crunch is VERY fast at generating lists, but not everyone has it.
    • if crunch isn’t found on the user’s system, a substitute shell script is used instead
    • this substitute script is MUCH MUCH slower than crunch; it’s meant as a last-resort.
  • Piping to aircrack is still included, but only in interactive mode
  • Saves phone numbers to [city].txt instead of the generic “phone.txt”
    • So if you asked for “burbank, ca”, the program would save the phone numbers in “burbankca.txt”
I hope that some of you can find this script useful.
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  1. What is the command to run this in a termal?

  2. Can you select the area code instead as if you use your city tons of prefix's our missing?