Sunday, February 13, 2011

Speeding up BackTrack software installs with apt-fast

Many people use apt-get to install software on BT (and other Debian based distros).
apt however uses a single connection and downloads each pacakge sequentially. However we can use a package called axel download accelerator as well as a script from Matt Parnell called apt-fast to speed this up.
Since we already have axel installed,
we only need to grab a copy of the script,

move it to /usr/bin
and then make it executable.
Once this is done you can now use apt-fast in place of apt-get commands.
apt-fast update, apt-fast upgrade  apt-fast install  etc.
If you should have any problems using the script the author recommends to run apt-fast clean. See the source code in the script for more info.
If you decide you no longer want or need the script then just delete it and everything will be as before.

Thanks a lot to archangelamael for tutorial

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