Monday, March 7, 2011

bfcrypt - Crypto scanner for Linux

There are several existing crypto scanners, but they are all for Windows, and are closed source:

  • PEiD with the Krypto Analyzer (KANAL) plugin
  • IDA Pro with the Findcrypt plugin
  • OllyDbg with the SnD Crypto Scanner
  • x3chun's Crypto Searcher
  • Keygener Assistant
  • Hash & Crypto Detector (HCD)
  • Draft Crypto Analyzer (DRACA)
    download it here: available on github under the GPLv2 license.

    For now, it can detect Blowfish and MD5, but it will support more in the future.


    $ bfcrypt ShrekW.BIN
    Blowfish P-array  (0x243f6a88) found at 0x0008bc90
    Blowfish S-box[0] (0xd1310ba6) found at 0x0008bcd8
    Blowfish S-box[1] (0x4b7a70e9) found at 0x0008c0d8
    Blowfish S-box[2] (0xe93d5a68) found at 0x0008c4d8
    Blowfish S-box[3] (0x3a39ce37) found at 0x0008c8d8

    source from 

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